If you are a Token Flex admin, we have made changes that give you easier access to export your usage data and more control over what you can export from your Autodesk Account 

Before we jump into the core improvements, please make sure to review these action items that must be completed before these updates are released on October 21, 2019: 

  • If you currently schedule reports, you will need to reschedule them after October 21. 
  • Your export history will be reset so you must save a copy of any previous exports offline.
  • Columns in your CSV will change so if you are currently relying on scripts for your exports, make sure to update them with new column headers, names, column order, and date format.

Learn more about these action items below. 

1. Easier access to export data as CSV 

Instead of manually navigating to the bottom of the menu to export your usage data, you will now have a button that is easy to access at the top of each reporting page 


2. Analyze usage trends over longer periods of time 

You now have the ability to export data from previous contracts so that you can predict and budget for future purchasing needs.  

3. Customize export reports 

We increased the control you have over your export data by allowing you to select the data columns, date ranges, and periods that you want in your export sheet so that you can match the needs of your business. No longer limited to exporting one quarter at a time, you can now expand the range to any length of time within the contract. 

4. Simplified export for Cloud Product data  

We have combined “cloud services” and “360 products” into one “Cloud Products” tab so you can get all your usage data from cloud products and services conveniently. 

  • Re-schedule your reports if you have any scheduled.  

  • Previous exports before the update will not be available so download any previous exports that you want to save now. 


  • If you use scripts to import CSV data, update your scripts with the new column headers, names, column order, and date format.  

Admin pro tip: Take advantage of the ability to download and analyze your token consumption data in convenient .csv files for any time period that suits your contracts.