As consumers, we expect ongoing value from the products we subscribe to beyond the product itself. We pay for what we need, when we need it, to continuously get product updates, flexible support options, and a more personalized experience. Subscription enables us to deliver what you want, and need, to do your job. 

As an Autodesk admin, what can you expect with your subscription? Easier access to products, flexible control over user management, and valuable insights in your Autodesk Account. By December 2019, all subscribers with single-user access will be able to find critical information fast, activate and access products with a few clicks, and easily manage your users.  


1. Autodesk Account home 

Right after signing in, your home delivers critical information, like your recently purchased products, product updates, open support cases, and an overview video based on your role (user or admin). 

2. Sign-in to activate and access products  

Subscribers with single-user access can sign in with an Autodesk ID and password to activate and access products, instead of tracking spreadsheets of serial numbers. 

3. The new view of user management  

Admins managing subscriptions with single-user access experience a more intuitive version of user management, assigning access by people or products, instead of by contract numbers.  

So, how will you know when you get these improvements?  

Everyone who signs into their Autodesk Account will see home now, and we’ll add more capabilities to home over the coming months. For changes to activation and user management, admins will get a notification in your Autodesk Account alerting you of these improvements in your Account. We’ll give you a tour, so you can get used to the new features.  

Admin pro tip: Stay up-to-date with our admin tools product roadmap. And, if there’s even more features you want to see, post on our Autodesk Account Idea Board to share your feedback.