We caught up with some Chief Information Officers from different architecture firms to ask about their job and the tech that makes it possible. Here are three main takeaways that remind us why software administrators do what they do:

1. Technology services design, not the other way around

“We can help the software get out of the user’s way, so they can focus on designing the buildings and providing the best project possible” (:28)

– Jason Rostar, Corporate Design Technology Leader, HED

For technology leaders at design firms, it is import to make the implementation of design tools as seamless as possible for users. The less they think about their tools, the more energy they can devote to bringing designs to life.

2. Insight into how teams operate is key

“We analyze their workflows to see how they could be working better and faster.”(1:11)

– Andrew Hollomon, Director of Technology, ZGF Architects

Data and usage understanding are vital to streamlining a group’s digital infrastructure. You can’t support a team and deliver a seamless experience without knowing how they are already working. This understanding requires data.

Pfluger Architects’ Director of TechnologyJacqueline Warner, stressed this same value as she reviewed the new seat usage reporting in Autodesk AccountFor more information on this tool, please check out Autodesk Knowledge Network.

3. Innovate to meet these needs quickly

“technology is the nucleus of the business now; its success is very much dependent on everything else to work together” (1:38)

 – Nirva Fereshetian, Chief Information Officer, CBT

Once a digital infrastructure is streamlined, it becomes the bloodline of a design operation. Considering this importance, administrators need flexible control over technology so that it can act as that nucleus. The new view of user management provides this exact flexibility, for more information check out our blog about the differences between classic and new view.

Admin pro tip: Make sure you are checking out your Autodesk Account home for new admin specific enhancements and other critical information.