This year at AU, we had an admin-specific track that held classes for people like you who wanted to learn about the efficiencies we are rolling out specific to your day-to-day. A big thanks to our admins who starred in our video, talking about what they learned at AU 2018. It was great to get to speak with you all and we hope to do so more through this Admin Community. 

In total, we had about 500+ of you come to our sessions. Take a look at our top sessions and some more information about each of them:

  • Autodesk Account Quickstart: Using the New View of User Management 
    • Here we covered how to get up and running in the new view of user management. The top question asked was about best ways to manage by product, instead of by contract. Check out our new view overview video to get more details! 

  • Microsoft SCCM Deployments, Tips and Tricks for Experienced Users
    • If you missed it, we discussed some best practices for Microsoft SCCM deployments, using our SCCM Guide. 

  • Best Practices for Virtualizing your Autodesk Software
    • Read about how to stay compliant when virtualizing Autodesk software on our blog

  • What’s New for Subscribers in Autodesk Account
    • The most memorable response from this session was when someone cheered for joy at the fact that you no longer have to track serial numbers for subscriptions with single-user access. Learn more about the improvements we are making for subscribers in Autodesk Account. 

  • Subscribe Confidently with Product Usage Data
    • In our customer panel, we discussed different ways that product usage reporting has helped improve the workflows of two companies in our beta program. One quote that resonated with the audience was, "reporting helps us ensure we’re using all of the licenses we’re paying for, not throwing money away on software no one uses." 

Overall, AU 2018 Las Vegas was a huge success. We thank you for coming to chat with us and learn from us, so we can continue to work together in the evolution of Autodesk software. Be sure to check our roadmap to stay up-to-date with changes we are making to your Autodesk Account. We update it quarterly with new features! And if you don’t see something that you are really hoping for, make sure to post your ideas on our Autodesk Account idea board